Casual Linen

Escrito por: Aznar Textil
El: 01 de June

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Casual Linen blog

We present our latest addition to the collection, the reference Casual Linen: a new sheer with a Mediterranean character, a good fall and a rustic look. Fabric that is born from our Mediterranean linen tradition, in all its traceability: the field, the fibre, the thread, the weaving and finally the finish of the final product. A commitment to nature, a 100% Made in Europe product.

With a composition if 52% polyester / 34% viscose / 14% linen and a width of 290 cm, Linen is a vegan fibre. Enjoy all its qualities of comfort, thermoregulation and humidity management, as well as the hand and drop that the novelty of mixing with viscose provides.

It is time to recover our roots. Casual Linen is textured, with a washed effect, in the colours of our land (stone, natural, off-white), the very essence of the Mediterranean.