Colour Trends: Summer 2020

Escrito por: Aznar Textil
El: 01 de July

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This Summer everything is possible in terms of colour. We incorporate daring combinations of positive and energetic tones in our decoration that come directly from the catwalks.

Red becomes a wild card and combined with orange creates an “on fire” combo which will fill your terraces and summer residences with colour.

Classic blue together with white will be the perfect summer combination. We combine fabrics such as Maxcotton suitable for cushions with natural white curtains such as Eser or Everywhere.

The strong presence of Denim blue with pastel yellow is also a highlight, as are the combination of cinnamon and turquoise.

Ultraviolet returns to stay this Summer, as does Kaki green.

In short, daring combinations that, thanks to fashion, are now trending. All the colourful possibilities of these new bold and fresh proposals, full of life can be found within our wide range of plains, canvas and sheers.

White paper lamps above garden table with chairs on stylish terrace with wooden floor and plants; Shutterstock ID 1410619058; Purchase Order: -
A beach blue outdoor terrace table setting for a bbq beachside dinner in the sand; Shutterstock ID 1665864484; Purchase Order: -
colorful cushions on the outdoor couch in maldives island resort; Shutterstock ID 64059088; Purchase Order: -
Handmade flower board on green wooden cabinet with leaf in glass vase next to comfortable bed with olive green, pastel pink, yellow and orange pillows; Shutterstock ID 1379171591; Purchase Order: -