FR Trench Dimout

El: 02 de June

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We present the colours that we have incorporated into our 300cm wide FR Trench Dimout fabric, which meets the human-ecological requirements of Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, certifying a production without substances harmful to health.

FR Trench Dimout has been tested in laboratories in different countries and conforms to current international standards:

Flame retardant certifications:
– Europe (Class 1) UNE EN 1101-13772-13773.
– Italy (Classe Uno) UNI 9177-9174-8456.

Thermal and Acoustic Certifications:
– UNE-EN ISO 354: 2004 and 11654: 1998 (sound absorption for use in buildings) – (aw) 0.70 class C.
– ASTM C423-09a (American reverberation room absorption test) – (NRC) 0.80 (SAA) 0.81.
– B-HR (basic protection against noise) (medium) 0.95.
– UNE EN 410 -UNE EN ISO M13363-1: 2006 + A1-GTOT 0.358. (Thermal comfort).