Saving energy in homes and hotels – Thermal fabrics

El: 02 de August

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One way to reduce energy costs in your home and business is through the use of solar protection elements among which are textiles in blinds, curtains, roller blinds…

Technical and functional fabrics are increasingly valued by interior designers for residential use. Thermal functional fabrics reduce energy consumption, control sunlight by multiplying or reducing it according to needs, provide comfort and well-being, reduce stress and increase productivity at work.

Thermal comfort is mainly governed by the operating temperature inside the house, office or hotel. And this depends on the air temperature, air speed and the temperatures of adjacent surfaces.

– The average operating temperature and/or cooling loads are influenced by the solar inputs which depend on the window dimensions and the total solar energy transmittance gtot.
– They can cause locally higher operating temperature values due to solar exposure which produces higher temperatures on the inner surface of the glazing or solar shading device.
– This effect is quantified by the secondary internal heat transmission factor.
– The reflection and transmittance (solar and light) of each sample is measured over a range of wavelengths set out in the standard.
– Then the value of the chosen glazing is applied (in our case, transparent single glazing) and with this data and the reflection and transmittance values, the gtot value is obtained.
– The lower the value and the closer to 0, the better the effect.

Ask our sales network about this innovative line of fabrics and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Our flame retardant Night or Saten dimout among others, as well as our darkening Darken available in metre service, are thermal fabrics, with thermal certification according to the technological institute Aitex.

Developed with special yarns, with an innovative weaving process and special finishing, they have thermal reduction properties. Innovative fabrics that reduce energy consumption and increase privacy to improve the rest and well-being that we all need.

Our FR SATEN DIMOUT, fireproof, has thermal reduction properties. Analysed and certified by the Aitex Technological Institute. A 100% polyester article, 300cm wide and washable.

Suitable for offices, hotels, auditoriums, hospitals, restaurants, theatres, schools, residences, hostels, hostels, ships, public buildings, and for residential use in rented houses, living rooms, bedrooms.

Our item DARKEN, DIMOUT 100% polyester in 300 cm width and washable, available in 26 colours. It is also thermally certified by Aitex.
An added value and differential compared to other fabrics on the market.

Darken is ideal for spaces that require privacy and insulation both indoors and outdoors, and its use is recommended for studios, offices and offices, rental houses, bedrooms, living rooms.

Our FR NIGHT BLACKOUT, 100% polyester in 280 cm width, washable, 300gr/m2, with several passes of squeegee to ensure its opacity, with very good drape and hand. It is thermally certified by Aitex.

An innovative fabric that reduces energy consumption and increases privacy, to improve the rest and well-being that we all need.