Throbbing Exuberance

El: 02 de April

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Throbbing Exuberance01

New palette of colours that we propose for this spring, full of positive energy and exuberance. This spring wears citrus colours, where orange is the protagonist.

Colours that make a perfect match with sky blue, intense reds, lemon yellow and burgundy. An explosion of colour that will fill your rooms with good vibrations. Among our wide range of plain colours, you can check all these tones that you can materialize in curtains, tablecloths, cushions or bedspreads.

100% cotton fabrics like our Anna in colour 045, 049 and 078. Soft fabrics like the ref. Sara colour 70 in 100% polyester, or for lovers of sustainable consumption, recycled fabrics like Ecoliving colour 021.