Back to the Roots

Escrito por: Aznar Textil
El: 29 de July

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This Summer we have opted for another type of tourism, we have returned to those places where we grew up.
We choose other types of consumption, lifelong materials , natural, elegant and respectful to the environment.

We return to vegetable fibres, linens, cotton and yutes … which protect us from the heat.
Our natural fibre fabrics will help you create environments that invite you to relax and escape stress. Spaces designed to generate peace and serenity.

You can resort to the net curtains of Aznar Textil Zoe, Said or Asuan with linen in their composition or our Chatel and Megeve upholstery with vegetable textures.

You can opt for a more Mediterranean style, jute fabrics with their wonderful curtain drops, such as our Lamuna or Kaveri references.

“Create calm and inspiring atmospheres with Aznar Textil’s natural collections. They will inspire you to spend great moments of enjoyment and relaxation”.