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Zazen products are the result of research and joint developments between different centres of investigation including: The General University Hospital of Valencia, The Institue of Technology (AITEX) and Outlast USA, amongst others.


Aitex (Institute of Textile Technology) as a leading European centre certifies that it is highly conductive article confirming to the norm UNE EN ISO 1149-1, electrostatic properties part 1, superificial resistivity, and part 3, dissipation of charges.

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Outlast technology is the only one to have received the stamp “Space Technology Certified”. This technology was originally developed by NASA and its efficiency and security was recognised in May 2003 by the U.S. Space Foundation.

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The regeratory property of the fabric has been evaluated through an investigative study carried out in the Medical Unit of Dermatology, Ulcers and Injuries at the General Hospital of Valencia through the Foundation for Development of the General University Hospital of Valencia.

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Aitex (Institute of Textile Technology) has carried out an exhaustive study of the countless advantages that the use of this sheet has for human health.

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