Days of Linen

Escrito por: Aznar Textil
El: 01 de June

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Days of light and good weather are coming, times to rethink our home decor and redecorate second homes. When deciding on new net curtains the undisputed protagonist of the Summer is undoubtedly LINEN.

Due to its texture, natural essence, its fall and its thermoregulatory and comfort qualities, flax is a fiber without risk, without GMOs, without waste, that will make you fall in love. With our linen references you can design comfortable, attractive and stimulating interiors to enjoy those hours of calm and well-deserved peace. Take a look at our linen collections in their different qualities and mixed compositions, a wide range of possibilities in textures, plains and sheers with combinations of stripes in Jacquards or plains in different weights.

Our collection is produced in a sustainable way, respecting the environment, always using local yarn suppliers and woven at our weaving plant in the Valencian town of Bocairente.

Fabrics that are born from the Mediterranean tradition of linen, from the field to the fibre to the yarn to the finished product. A natural choice. Our collections and designs follow this linen blend trend. Alejandria, Alur, Boko, Combe, Caicos, Coiba, Quena, Zoe, Susu, Luxor.

We present this video in which you can enjoy our wide range of collections.