Global Recycled Standard Certification – GRS

El: 01 de March

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Why DECORATIVE FABRIC with the GRS certificate?

The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification is a product standard that tracks and verifies the content of recycled materials in a finished product. The audit applies to the entire supply chain and covers its traceability, environmental principles, social requirements, chemical content and labelling.

1. Guarantees sustainable, social and environmentally responsible production.

2. Verifies and guarantees the recycled content of products throughout the supply chain.

3. Reduces the use of fuels such as oil, the emission of gases into the atmosphere and saves energy.

4. Respects natural resources, reducing the consumption of virgin materials, water and cultivated surfaces.

5. Is a guarantee of the decision-making of an informed, responsible and sustainable consumption.

At Aznar Textil we believe that changing the colour of reality is possible, which is why we were pioneers in launching EcoGreen Products, a new line of fabrics made from recycled yarn, to the market.

The objective of this great initiative is to guarantee a sustainable production process for our collections. Every day more consumers want to know if the products they buy are manufactured without substances that are harmful to health and respect the environment and the universal rights of workers.