Local Tourism

Escrito por: Aznar Textil
El: 01 de June

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Rural proximity tourism is a trend this Summer, a commitment to local consumption, to safeguard our own, enjoying nature, tranquility, our family, peace and quiet, and all those things that we sometimes take for granted, which we have learned to value more.

We want to enjoy and savour life, while being fully aware. We appreciate more than ever a local touch , the nearby environment and we value more the affordable, healthy and sustainable local services, holidays in local hotels, hostels, rural tourism, bed & breakfast in our towns, cabins, caravans … where we can savour our health, family, friends and nature.

At Aznar Textil, we propose decoration for this new trend in local tourism. Our flame-retardant references both in sheers such as Eolo, Etamine Fr, Ynside and dimouts such as Saten Dimout and Linara are ideal for small urban boutique hotels, rural hostels and hostels.

In case you don’t require flame retardant, we have this covered too with our Oporto Canvas in ecru, Pike, Etamine, Darken, Dream, Zoe, Eser, Anna. Decorative fabrics for curtains, curtains, blinds, bedding, tablecloths, cushions and accessories, all certified as Oekotex without substances harmful to the skin or our health.

sofa and table in vintage caravan(retro design camper); Shutterstock ID 775122169; Purchase Order: -
etamine 2