New solutions for the functionalization of technical surfaces (Coatech)

El: 02 de January

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For the implementation of the CDTI project “New solutions for the functionalisation of technical surfaces (COATECH)”, a consortium of 3 companies from different but complementary industrial sectors, has been established (UBE from the chemical sector, TORRECID Group from the ceramic/glass sector and AZNAR TEXTIL from the textile sector).

The project is funded by the CDTI and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The general objective of the COATECH project is to develop new formulations of inks applied by traditional and digital printing techniques that combine design with high technical performance to achieve high added value fabrics for outdoor and contract use.

This research and project began in February 2017, is in full execution and will be completed in September 2019. It will be structured into three milestones (Milestone 1. 02/06/17 – 12/31/17, Milestone 2. 01/01/18 – 31/12/18 and Milestone 3. 01/01/19 – 30/09/19).

In 2017 AZNAR TEXTIL carried out a study on the influence of different qualities of yarns, types of bondings, textile structures, etc. in the final quality of the printing achieved, as well as developing a first series of fabrics printed with new inks for textile use and specially formulated for use on inherently flame retardant textile substrates (FR); mainly pigmented and sublimable inks are being developed and applied by different printing methods, including digital printing, seeking high colour fastness performance against agents such as light, rubbing or washing, and without affecting the intrinsic FR character of the fabric.