What is Zazen?

El: 10 de January

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Zazen is a Research Division which bases it activities in the development of textile products which benefit and improve health. Zazen products are the result of research and joint developments between different centres of investigation.




Zazen products are the result of research and joint developments between different centres of investigation including: The General University Hospital of Valencia, The Institue of Technology (AITEX) and Outlast USA, amongst others.

Zazen forms part of the multinational Aznar Textil, a company founded in 1881, which is dedicated to the development, manufacture and commercialization of textile products with an international presence in over 85 countries. It’s products are elaborated using the most advanced technologies in Europe and are submitted to rigorous quality controls.



Where can I purchase Zazen sheets?
Zazen sheets can be purchased at pharmacies, parapharmacies, bedding shops, Home Textile Stores, Dealers hospital sector. You can send an email to zazen@aznartextil.com referring to the sheet that you are interested in and the province where you live, and we will give you the address where you can find our product.


Does it work with parquet flooring?

In this case it works by dissipating the electrostatic energy, but in order to eliminate it completely it is necessary to attach the earthing plate to the wall or to the bed leg if it is metallic.

Does it work on carpeted flooring?

Yes, as this is a conductor textile.

Does it work without the earthing plate?

Yes, as the cord continues to eliminate the charge.

Does it work without the cord?

In this case it works by dissipating the electrostatic energy.

How do they differ from pillows or sheets made with carbon fibre?

Zazen began developing this product with carbon fibre, but abandoned this line of investigation as it did not work because carbon fibre is a poor conductor. (See graph of Aitex certification or on the side of the product packaging). Fot this reason a new line of investigation was opened where the use a a new thread was developed and the patent obtained for the Zazen Anti-stress Sheet.


For what type of person is it recommended?

For any person concerned about the health of their skin.

Is it a product suitable for older people who are bedridden or confined to a wheelchair?

Yes, this product is appropriate and recommended. When a person is confined to a bed or wheelchair for a long time, the skin and the underlying tissue can break and provoke sores and ulcers at the pressure points; these sores and decubitus ulcers are difficult to treat and slow to cure. They develop over the prominent bones of the body, at the base of the spine and the hip bones, thighs and heels; with the sacral region being the most frequently affected region. Ulcers may also appear on any soft area of tissue which is exposed to body weight or pressure during a long period of time. Pressure ulcers in the eldrerly are complications of permanent rest or neglect.

Will it help in the treatment of pressure ulcers?

According to the study carried out by the General University Hospital of Valencia it is suitable for this type of treatment. (See certification).


What is Outlast®technology?

Outlast® technology actively regulates temperature and is the only phase change material to have received the “Certified Space Technology™” recommendation. Outlast® fabrics, fibres and laminates form part of a multitude of technological and everydaylife products.

How does Outlast® technology work?

Outlast® technology works actively and uses Phase Change Materials (PCM) to absorb excess body heat and release it when necessary. Ice, for example, is a phase change material: when an icecube melts in a glass, it absorbs heat and cools the drink. The phase change materials used in Outlast® technology function in the same way.

Does the Outlast® fabric improve sleep?

According to the study of sleep quality carried out by Outlast® in the U.S.A.:

– 84% of participants improved their quality of sleep
– 71% awoke less times
– 67% reduced their perspiration

How long will Outlast® technology last in a product?

If the Outlast® technology formas part of the fibre it will last indefinitely for the whole life of the product. Our coated products also have an excellent durability for machine washing and dry cleaning. Furthermore, we subject our products to industry standard tests for washing resistance.